Frequently Asked Questions



1. What if I need a part that isn't on your website?

A. Please call our toll free number, 1-866-765-0445, and follow the prompt for sales and we will be able to help you.

2. What does it mean if I received an email saying my order has shipped but I don't have a tracking number?

A. This means your order is being shipped out and we are waiting on the tracking. We have multiple warehouses we ship from and they are not always prompt with tracking information.

3. What do I do if I only received a package and not all of my parts are in it?

A. We ship from many warehouses and sometimes different parts need to be shipped from different warehouses. You are not charged any additional shipping if this is the case.  If you only received part of your order we are aware of this and you will be receiving the rest of your order shortly, but you can always email customer service at with any concerns you may have.

4. What if I think I have received an incorrect part?

A. Please send a picture of the part you received and if at all possible a picture of the part you are needing. Please include as much information as possible including measurements and any other information you think may help in determining if the part is correct or not.  None of the Chinese power sports have any consistency with their manufacturing. They do no always use the same parts on their units and they do not have a parts system in place with any part numbers. 

5. What can I do if I don't know what kind of unit I have?

A. You can send us a picture of your unit to and we will try to identify your unit for you. Make sure your picture is clear and we can see the entire unit especially if there are any markings on the outside of the unit.

6. I received a part that doesn't look like my part?

A. You can send us a picture of the part you received with the part you are needing to and we will tell you if the part is correct. Over the years they have changed the size, color and/or the way some of the parts look. Not all of the newer parts look identical to the original parts. 

7. How do I get tracking for my order?

A. To be able to receive tracking for an order we must have an email on file. We do not have the staff to answer phones to give tracking out over the phone. If you do not have an email you can create emails very easily. This is a free service for most email providers. Some of the providers are gmail, msn, aol, hotmail, yahoo and many more. You can google free email accounts to help you find what is available. If you have already placed an order and did not give us an email, send us an email at and ask us to add your email to your account.

8. Can I call the sales line and ask for tracking?

A. No, If you call the sales line asking questions concerning tracking you will be transferred to the customer service line giving you the email to send questions to

9. How do I return a part?

A. If you are needing to return a part please send an email to requesting a RMA #. Please include why you are needing to return it. We do not take electrical parts back, which is a standard practice for anyone who sales electrical parts, including stores you walk into. Electrical parts are too easy to damage without damage to the outside of the part. 

10. Can I send a part back without contacting anyone?

A. No, If you send a part back with out a RMA number on the package we will not have anyway to know why it is being returned. The address on our packages is not the address return parts go to and if parts are sent here they will be lost and no refund and/or store credit will be issued.

11. I ordered my part 5 days ago and haven't received tracking?

A. Some part orders can take several days and in some instances can take several weeks to be shipped out. Not all Chinese parts are always available even though we are told they are. We do deal with a lot of Chinese people and at times there are language barriers to overcome. Please be patient with us and we will get your part to you as soon as we possible can. 

12. What company do you use to ship your parts?

A. We try and use the postal service for all of our shipping. (  This isn't always possible due to restrictions on size and weight. We do at times use FedEx and UPS. 

13. Can I ship to my PO box?

A. Yes we can ship to PO boxes, if we can't for some reason we will contact you for a physical address.

14. What if I ordered the wrong part?

A. If you ordered a wrong part contact us at and let us know you ordered an incorrect part. We will then email you a RMA # and an address to send the part back to. If you are exchanging a part you will be responsible for any difference in the amount of the part plus additional shipping. We do not refund shipping on any order. Sending us an email and telling us we shipped the wrong part without pictures of the part you received and a picture of the part you are needing, there is no way we can tell if we shipped the wrong part and therefore you will not be issued an RMA number. Ordering the wrong part does not mean we shipped the wrong part.

15. I  have received my tracking information but it isn't tracking?

A. Please make sure you are using the correct shipping services website to track your order. The easiest way to keep this from happening is to copy and paste your tracking number into Google. Google will direct you to the correct shipment website. If it still isn't shipping give it at least 24 hours for the shipping service to scan the tracking number and have it in their system

16. I still haven't received my package after three days?

A.  When you place an order and are told it will take two to three days, this is from the time it ships NOT from the time you placed an order. The USPS typically takes two to three days to deliver to almost every state with a few being exceptions.

17. Can I cancel my order?

A. Yes, you must send an email to letting us know you would like to cancel. If your order is already shipped we can not cancel it. If you order is due to ship in the next 24 hours it is very possible we will not be able to stop it from shipping in time. If we are able to stop the item from shipping you will receive a credit on the card you used to pay for your order with and it can take up to 7 business days for the credit to show up on your statement. This has nothing to do with us we can not make this process go any faster. This is strictly the credit card/ bank that processes the credits.

18. What is the difference between standard shipping and first class shipping?

A. Standard shipping is priority mail and first class shipping is first class with the United States Postal Service. First Class shipping does take longer than priority shipping. If you need your package rushed please call us to place your order because rush shipping does cost more.